Course curriculum

    1. Boas vindas!

    2. Sobre o instrutor

    3. Sobre você...

    4. Aula de Apresentação do Programa! ⭐

    5. Como Estudar Segurança da Informação parte 1

    6. Como Estudar Segurança da Informação parte 2

    7. How to Improve Your Creative Problem Solving Skills

    8. Conteúdo programático (ementa)

    1. Syllabus de Redes de Computadores

    2. Auto-avaliação de conhecimentos em Redes

    3. Introdução a Redes e sua aplicabilidade

    4. Aplicabilidade das Redes e Hardware

    5. Hardware e Software de Redes

    6. Software das Redes

    7. Software das Redes e modelos de referência

    8. Modelos de referência e comparativos

    9. Camada de Enlace de Dados

    10. Subcamada de Controle de Acesso ao Meio (MAC) parte 1

    11. Subcamada de Controle de Acesso ao Meio (MAC) parte 2

    12. Camada de Rede - Packet Forwarding (Encaminhamento de Pacotes)

    13. Camada de Rede - Roteamento Anycast/Mobile Hosts e Controle de Congestionamento

    14. Camada de Rede - Qualidade de Serviço (QoS)

    15. Camada de Rede - Internetworking

    16. Camada de Rede - Packet Fragmentation, a Internet e o Protocolo IPv4

    17. Camada de Rede - CIDR, Classful e Endereçamento Especial e NAT

    18. Camada de Rede - IPv6

    19. Camada de Rede - Internet Control Protocols pt. 1 (ICMP, ARP, DHCP, MPLS e BGP)

    20. Camada de Rede - Internet Control Protocols pt. 2 (BGP)

    21. Camada de Transporte - Serviços e Primitivas

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About this course

  • Information Security Diploma
  • Live and recorded classes (100% online)
  • Certifications included


Joao Goes


Board Member at Root Security, Professor on Advanced Information Security for 9 years, former Research Professor on Quantum Cryptography and international consultant with 10 years of experience, focused on the financial sector (banking and payments, as well) and consulting firms. Large experience in Offensive Security (Red Teaming) and Information Security Management. Has lectured at FATEC São Caetano, FATEC Ourinhos, FATEC Zona Sul, BSides, BHack, Campus Party MG, Campus Party Brasília, Campus Party SP and others. Leads 0wnz, the Capture The Flag and bug bounty team of underaged cybersecurity students, which has 14 titles, being a two-time world champion. Specialist Editor of PenTest Magazine (H9), most popular magazine in the field. Also attended Quantum Cryptography at Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC - University of Waterloo) in Canada, Applied Cybersecurity at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, US and Privacy & Data Protection at FAAP and PUC-RS, in which is certified by the Association of Brazilian Magistrates (AMB). Currently works actively as an Information Security Strategist, directing energy to the areas of GRC and focusing on effectively elevating the Information Security maturity of businesses and startups.

Application Checklist

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  • Personal Information and Essays: present yourself and your worldview based on life situations and challenges.

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